Emer Kenny

Songs Which Impressed me Greatly - Jeremy Irons, July 2010; The Vocals and Production are Great - Stuart Clark, April 2010; Contemporary, Stimulating and a little bit Challenging - Fachtna O Ceallaigh, March 2010


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Emer Kenny Emer Kenny - Fades Into Day Emer Kenny Parting Glass

T.V. and Film Syncs

(Producer / Songwriter / Publisher credits)

Francis Ford Coppola's 3rd Miracle, Franchise Pictures, 2000
Starring Ann Hesche and Ed Harris Featured "Heaven" from album "Emer Kenny"

Roswell, Fox TV, 2001
Episode "Cry your name", featured "Heaven" & "Light of you" from album "Emer Kenny"

Roswell, Fox TV, 2002
Episode "Significant others", featured "Shattered" and "Dance until Dawn" from album "fades into day"

Real World, MTV, 1998
Featured "Heaven" from album "Emer Kenny"

Heaven Ice Cream, 1999
Australian advert featured "Heaven" from album "Emer Kenny"

Heaven Video, 1998
Featured on MTV USA, MTV2 USA, MTV Latino (Miami)

Sacred Planet, Disney IMAX Production, 2002
Narrated by Robert Redford
Featured " laride" and " The Voices " from album Emer Kenny

Credited Tracks Featured on Various International Record Company Released Compilations

Certain Damage (PolyGram, 1998), Mercury Hotel (Mercury, 1998), Elevation I (Compendium, 1998), Golden Brown 12 inch - Junior Vasquez Remix (Go Beat, 1998), Ignite your Spirit 1999 (Triloka Records, 1999), Planet Rave 2000 (Triloka, 2000), Just Relax (Karuna Music, 2000), Spinning (Polygram, 2001), Rasa: Mello (Tommy Boy Entertainment, 2001), Chill 2 Relax (Vox Terra, 2003 ), Cast a Spell - Junior Vasquez Remix (Artemus, 2004), Re:Play II (Eros Music, 2004 ), Womans World Voices 2 (Blue Flame records, 2006), Celtic Crossroads (Putumayo, 2006), Celtic Woman 3 (A-Train Entertainment)

Emer Kenny started playing Harp at the age of nine, studied composition and Concert Harp at the College of Music, Dublin and won an Alfred Byte scholarship to further her studies at Trinity College of Music, London.

Emer developed a unique style of music, calling on diverse musical influences and landed a record deal with a major U.S. label, Mercury, in 1997. Her first album, "Emer Kenny", which showcased her harp playing and vocal talents, was given a world-wide release by Polygram in 1997 to critical acclaim and sales reaching in excess of 50 thousands units.

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